DEFLORACE was formed in February 1992 by brothers Petr (bass + sing), Jari Vrbica (guitar) and Martin Krč (drums). Half of the first year played with them guitarist Rudolf Suchánek. Initially the band played cover version of classic thrash and death metal bands.

Everything changed in May 1993, when arrived two new members, bassist Jiří Sosík and guitarist Milan Urbánek. In that time the band started compose their own songs and Petr became only singer.

Everything culminated in February 1994, when was made, in home studio of Tonda Bergr (member of BIMETAL group), the first demo entitled „Morbid oratorium“, containing 7 tracks with total lenght 35 minutes. Because the record did not fare well in any way, the band has decided not to spread. In August 1994, the group enters the studio Barbarella Ostrava, where he filmed the first official demo with 5 tracks „Postmortal abomination“ (lenght 18 minutes). The band edits demo itself on an original cassette and two tracks of these demo – Postmortal abomination and Vomits – are also on the CD compilation "Echoes Of The Underworld", which other bands are filming in the same studio. At this time the band starts touring actively.

Coming year 1995 and another change in the report - Jari chose only composing music and Management - it turns a new guitarist Mira Mička.In November 1995 a group goes into the studio again, this time to the Exponent in Hlohovec in Slovak Republic and shooting demo "Dreams of serial killers", with 7  songs of 20 minutes,cassette is again made by their own money. In 1996 are these song on joint CD with demo „Perverted look at the world“ by INGROWING band. In this year leaves bassist Jiří and comes back Jari. The group plays more and more concerts, in the Slovak Republic and Poland too.

In early 1998, again leaving bassist Jari, and he is replaced by Pavel Jurek. In the report -  Peter (vocals), Milan and Mira (guitars), Pavel (bassist) and Martin (drums) is DEFLORACE returned to the studio Exponent in May  and records first solo CD "11 Murders" (11 songs, length 33 minutes), again firm publishes Leviathan Records. In the middle of 1999 occurs in the group of internal crisis, causing the whole DEFLORACE decays and remain only Peter and Mira. In the old configuration still undergo a successful tour with Krabathor in Poland (April 2000) and open-air fest SILESIA (July 2000).The new assembly is formed in year 2001, when the report added Martin Lokaj (bass) and Pavel Smolan (drums).  Baptism for a new set are concerts with the DISGORGE (Mex) and the MACABRE in May 2001. Then came go-round of personnel changes, and major health problems of individual members. Mira leaves and then turns him, on the post of guitarist, Luboš and Jiří.

With the arrival of new guitarists Ondřej Kizka and Pavel Glet (at the end of 2003), the group settles in the form: Petr (vocals), Ondřej and Pavel (guitar), Martin (bass) and Pavel (drums). In this form DEFLORACE  recorded in 2004 CD "The Massacre", issued by the Slovak company Forensick records and for his support the band headed out on tour through out Europe with bands  DISGORGE and SANATORIUM.At the end of 2004, leaving Ondřej and Martin, which are replaced on their positions by Pavel (guitar) and Dalibor(bass). In 2005, the band  played at the Obscene Extreme Fest and later, in the summer of 2006, there is a schism in the group, which completes the departure of four members and remains only Peter.

All this lasts until 2010, when the assembly resumes reborn DEFLORACE complemented by new guitarist Perry. For the all existence of DELORACE played about 300 concerts in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, France and Spain.

Actual grouping:

Vocals:            Petr Vrbica
Guitars:           Miroslav Mička
Bass:               Pavel Jurek
Drums:            Martin Krč